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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Agencies usually take a 20-50% commission from the influencer on all brand deals; we on the other hand take 0.0% of our influencer’s commission sales.

We offer competitive rates to content creators based on their following’s demographic, reach, and engagement.

We are a network that connects influencers with brands.

We find brands tailored to your niche.

We proudly partner with brands like Hotel Collection, Aroma360, Blass Sticks, and more that want to connect with YOU. Receive free products to enjoy, review & post online. 30 day guarantee for all product returns and exchanges.

We handle the process for you.

We set up the entire branded campaign for you, including: content creation strategy, paid amplification, influencer management, reporting, shipping, and fulfillment.

We target ad spend directly to your featured brand campaign content to boost your posts.

Membership Questions

Our eligibility requirements revolve around content, engagement, target audience, organic following, audience credibility, and geographic location.

You must have over 50k followers on at least one of your social media platforms. At this time, we are only accepting influencers for TikTok, Instagram and Youtube campaigns.

Submissions are reviewed on a weekly basis. Approved applicants will receive an email from one of our Influencer Relation Managers. ♡

Please note, multiple submissions will not increase your chance of being contacted.

For any additional questions or concerns, please email us at