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What to expect from iINFLUENCED?

iINFLUENCER's are an elite, hand-selected group of creators that we connect with brand campaigns and collaborations.

• Immediately receive free products to enjoy, review & promote.

• Create individualized brand campaigns on Tik Tok, Instagram, or Youtube.

• Access exclusive promotions and sales.

• Be featured across brand's social media platforms.

What makes iINFLUENCED different?

We're dedicated to being the anti-agency.

- We invest in our iINFLUENCERS -

• Gain better engagement on your posts and reach a larger online audience through our devoted ad-spend.

• Work with a hands-on Influencer Relations Manager to discuss content creation strategy, analytics reports, and more.

• We assist you with developing networking relationships with brands we partner with to ensure future collaborations.

• Secure, hassle-free payments.

How to apply

When applying, please include your full name, where you live, social media handles, and content niche. Submissions are reviewed on a weekly basis. Please note, multiple submissions will not increase your chance of being contacted.

You must have over 50k followers on at least one of your social media platforms. At this time, we are only accepting influencers for TikTok, Instagram and Youtube campaigns.

Approved applicants will receive an email from one of our Influencer Relation Managers to get onboarded. ♡