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Aromatherapy Discovery Set

Awake your senses and set the ambiance with the Aromatherapy Discovery Set. This set features five scents meant to provoke the effects of Sleep, Energy, Relaxation, Focus and Love with your senses with the use of essential oils. The following scents included in this set will cater to the mood you wish to evoke:

Blue Moon — Blue Cedar | Lavender | Eucalyptus
Lavender is known for its relaxing effects. Researchers have found that lavender increases slow-wave sleep, instrumental for slowing heart rate and muscle relaxation—thus promoting restful sleep.

California Love — Green Tea | Lemongrass | Lily
Citrus oils such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit offer a powerfully uplifting aroma shown to positively alter mood. In fact, the use of citrus essential oils like orange can help individuals feel healthier and ready to take on the day.

Sunrise — Grapefruit | Lemon | Ginger
Lemon essential oils are the best for focus and concentration. They help to calm the mind so it can focus, and invigorate it to get things done.

Across the Universe — Eucalyptus | Citrus | Soft Florals
Eucalyptus has a cool, slightly sweet aroma that is both energizing and relaxing and may help decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety, promoting a relaxing atmosphere.

Desert Rose — Oud Wood | Damask Rose | Clove
Rose essential oil is emotionally soothing, it promotes closeness and balance. This oil is known to provide a sense that is both seductive and calming. 

This set includes all 5 fragrance oils in 120mL bottles.